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Founded in 2013, Ego designs is an architectural firm based in Saudi Arabia

Ego designs diverse and creative teams combine architecture, engineering, and interiors expertise to offer a holistic response to our clients’ challenges. we have created places that inspire wonder and enable great things. Our design approach is energized by inquiry, focused on innovation, and rooted in social responsibility.


Ego designs rose to for pioneering the use of interdisciplinary project teams: a “whole project” approach that ensures maximum efficiency, coordination, and client satisfaction.

We work every day to continue a legacy of innovation and commitment to client satisfaction, creating exceptional projects.


To transform the human experience through the power of design

At the core of our work, there is a profound commitment to strive for innovative design solutions, consistent with artistic thinking, aligned with the concepts of environmental preservation, and based on a production methodology that is multidisciplinary. We believe working in this manner enables ambitious project solutions, while still allowing us to offer the necessary skills and tools to guarantee our clients the best cost-benefit scenarios.


To create innovative, thoughtful, and sustainable solutions with our clients


Focus On Our Clients

We work every day knowing that we exist for our clients.

Our clients can be certain of having the support of our team wherever they want to implement their projects. We privilege local knowledge combined with international expertise. Working in this way we can help our clients to ensure that projects developed locally can still achieve the highest levels of quality.
Design excellence is the constant.
Design impact
We own the impact of our work, socially and environmentally.


We believe that relationships built on trust are key to our success.

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Humility
  • Gender equality
  • Making a difference


We have worked with great people.


An inclusive, inspired community Never stop learning

We bravely explore our curiosities.
We are united by a love of design, and celebrate the hard work

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