Rio drive

RIO DRIVE is Located in the north of Riyadh city in one of the major road: Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road with a distinct geographic location. Located at a corner of two commercial roads benefit of having a wide view angle to the project.
Based on balance of energy studies, (Feng-Shui) by expertise, the land selected, and the project design was based in have balanced energy, which will create a successful business environment.

An introverted concept with open internal terraces, over viewing to the internal yard;
Creates interactive dynamic space, A shaded and environmentally effective design, and A new way to spend precious moments with family, friends, and business.

Materials used:
Following the analysis and the required element in each direction; the 5 elements of life were reflected by using the following materials;

  • Earth = Big Rocks
  • Water = introducing water features, Grey color porcelain tile flooring.
  • Metal = perforated metallic white color sheets, covering the facades in the required areas
  • Creating a unique identity for the project
  • Using honey shapes – (reflects strong bond / dynamic shading effect)
  • Wood = using wood finish cladding , louvers, and floor packing
  • Fire = using a set of lighting fixtures, as a handrail for the terrace, and introducing a decorative fire pods in the terrace.


Riyadh – Saudi Arabia


5,080,00 sq.m